Looking for an attentive, available and patient marketer?

The one with a professional toolkit, honed through years of experience in practical work; one who can pay attention to accuracy,

but also think outside the box – I would love to work with you.

דרור אלון -גוגל אדס אגדי

we can’t truly maximize success without the human element

your marketing goals are my goals

My goal is to work with you towards your marketing goals on digital platforms while keeping budgets realistic, ensuring attention to detail, and making no compromises on quality.

When I first started my journey as a freelancer, I knew that what I truly wanted to do was to fully cover my clients’ needs: To provide them with comprehensive services, which not only includes professionalism, knowledge and flawless expertise, but also attention, patience, availability, kindness, and accessibility, to link the professional to the human element, and create a full experience.

Actual results, fast pace, attention to details, productive suggestions, and creative solutions are all vital, but without a sense of order, organization, and safety – the experience gets lost, along with the great connection between the professional and the client.

I believe that we can’t truly maximize success without the human element. This is the approach that I put into my work with each and every partner on the path.

First hand recommendations

my specialties

If you are looking for a service that integrates the professional and the human element, I would

be happy to provide you with solutions in the following fields, among others:

Strategic marketing assistance

finding the best marketing path for you today and for the long term

Renewed website characterization

Implementation of the company's vision through the website's visibility

Google search result optimization

Raising brand awareness through Keyword research

Defining target audiences

Targeted marketing to the right target audience

PPC – Pay-per-click campaigns

Different types of campaigns in Google ADS

Management and advertising on social networks

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and more

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!Let’s start walking, today

These are the things that I know how to do, through which I have accumulated years of reputation with hundreds of clients.

I would be happy to walk you through on the path to success in a professional, structured, and efficient way.

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